Things Your Pet Would Do If They Grew Thumbs

You may have noticed that we enjoy commemorating all of the pet-related holidays on the calendar. March boasts one of the cutest and silliest holidays, If Pets Had Thumbs Day. As you may be aware, many scientists credit mankind’s opposable thumbs with the evolutionary leap that propelled us from the caveman era to civilization. What do you think would happen if Fido and Fluffy suddenly developed thumbs? We obviously can’t ask them, but we have a pretty solid idea. (Spoiler: loads of mischief.)

This article includes some wild guesses from a local Holly Springs, MS veterinarian.

Try Their Paw At Playing Video Games

It’s hardly a stretch to think that dogs and cats might want to explore electronic games. After all, Fido and Fluffy are hunters by nature. Our canine pals may like Grand Theft Auto, Duck Hunt, and Frogger. As for cats, well, Fluffy may enjoy Pacman, Tetris, or Space Invaders. Then again, she could be perfectly pleased with her present games. (Note: You can actually download games for your cat to play on a smartphone or tablet. Our feline friends appear to enjoy ‘catching’ digital mice, fish, or bubbles, even without thumbs.)

While Fido and Fluffy do not always get along, we wouldn’t be surprised if they collaborated on this matter. They may even start playing each other!

Shopping Spree

Another reason to be grateful your cat doesn’t have thumbs? If your furry best friend could order stuff by themselves, you could be in a predicament. Your bank account may also be in trouble.

But, what do you think your pet would purchase?

It’s pretty easy to guess what Fluffy would do. Cats would probably order a variety of kitty furniture, smoked salmon, live betta fish, catnip, spider plants, kitty shelves, cat enclosures, beds, boxes, scratching posts, more beds, cat food, and snacks. She’d also likely order some random items, just for the boxes.

Fido, on the other hand, would likely be more interested in food and toys. You may find your pet ordering meal deliveries from, well, anywhere. It wouldn’t be surprising if you found your porch or doorstep loaded with packages. In fact, your canine pal would probably also sign up for every food club, toy, and puppy subscription box he could find. If your pup is friendly and sociable with other dogs, he might even try to order himself a puppy to play with!


Go For A Sunday Drive

If your pet suddenly sprouted thumbs, it’s likely that they’d learn how to unlock doors very quickly. (Fluffy may take some time to figure out how to reach the handle.)

Man’s Best Friend has a strong sense of adventure, so it’s understandable that he’d want to explore.  Your canine companion may go let all of his four-legged friends out of their homes before heading to a park, pet store, or beach. A cross-country road trip to every dog park in the country may seem lavish, but would also not be out of character.

Cats, of course, are not particularly fond of automobile rides. Fluffy may stay close to home. She may also decide to throw your keys into the nearest lake, river, or pond. 


It’s possible that Man’s Best Friend and Second Best Friend may try their paws at making art. Fluffy may also become more sophisticated with the paw painting she leaves on windshields and begin using actual paint for her creations.

Cancel Veterinary Appointments 

We adore all of our furry patients. We recognize that animal clinics can be frightening for pets: the odd setting, unfamiliar odors, and scents of other worried pets, some of whom may be ill, can understandably put pets on edge. We do everything we can to make appointments easier for Fido and Fluffy. However, we have yet to figure out how to explain to them the importance of proper veterinarian care, and how crucial it is for their health and well-being.

In other words, we may notice our appointment calendars at this Holly Springs, MS pet clinic growing increasingly empty. 

Do you take your four-legged friend to a groomer? The salon may also experience a surge in cancellations.

Social Media Warfare

Social networking can be both a blessing and a curse. It’s an excellent method to stay in touch with friends and family who you don’t see very often. However, it can also be harmful. Fido would definitely keep himself entertained by viewing charming films or clips of squirrels. Fluffy may well decide to become an internet troll.

Text You … Constantly

Many comedy websites have produced amusing series of fictitious texts between dogs, cats, and their humans. This could be an example of life mimicking art. It’d be interesting to hear what your pet says!

Love Notes

Sometimes we can’t help but make fun of our animal pals and their goofy actions. However, at the end of the day, pets are highly emotional and form very strong attachments to their humans. You might find a beautiful note, card, or letter from your beloved pet! 

Hack Into Your Computer

This one would necessitate that pets not only grow thumbs, but also learn basic computer skills. However, this may not be as farfetched as it appears. After all, Fluffy has spent years attempting to learn by osmosis by lying on warm keyboards and laptops.

What if your pet hacked into your computer? Fido would definitely download images of cute dogs, fire hydrants, cheeseburgers, and parks. Fluffy would destroy your data, install an aquarium screensaver, and then change your passwords.

Get That Itch

It’s always super cute to see pets close their eyes in relief when you help them get that bothersome itch they can’t reach. Your furry pal may instantly begin trying various objects, and figuring out which ones may allow them to scratch more effectively. A back scratcher would be quickly commandeered, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Fluffy and Fido also tried using forks, spatulas, or other random pointy objects.

Paw Through Everything (Literally)

Pets are extremely curious. Cats, in particular, enjoy investigating various nooks, crannies, and boxes. It wouldn’t be out of character for Fluffy to raid every drawer and closet in the house …  before taking a nap or ten in the midst of the devastation.

Of course, our canine and feline pets may have various motivations for this. Fido would naturally be on the prowl for food and would eagerly sample everything in the house. Fluffy, on the other hand, would most likely empty your drawers, hide anything valuable, and then take the labels off your canned foods, just because, well, that’s something cats would do.

Take Tons Of Adorable Selfies

Fido and Fluffy are both quite photogenic. Your furry friends may start filling up your phone’s gallery with cute selfies!

Destroy The Vacuum Cleaner

While dogs and cats might not always agree, they are usually on the same page when it comes to vacuum cleaners. You’d most likely find yours on the side of the road, or in pieces in the yard.

Kick Each Other Out Of The House

Cats and dogs sometimes get along well. They can also create strong bonds. However, they can get envious of one another. It’s not surprising that Fido and Fluffy would lock each other out.

 Do you have any questions about your pet’s health or care? Is it time to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat? Contact your nearest Holly Springs, MS pet hospital today!

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