Today’s Highlight: Bull Terrier Dogs

It’s Bull Terrier Day! We’re delighted to spotlight this devoted, outgoing, and often hilarious canine. In this piece, a local Marshall County, MS veterinarian focuses on Fido.

Is the Bull Terrier Breed Very Popular?

The Bull Terrier is now placed 61st on the AKC breed popularity list. So, Fido doesn’t seem to be the most popular dog around town right now. However, this well-known pooch does have a few prominent fans. Many celebrities have owned Bull Terriers, including Kirk Hammett, Eric Clapton, Liam Gallagher, Tom Hardy, Lily Allen, Don Cherry, Princess Anne, Marc Jacobs, and Taylor Swift. (Note for Swifties: If you’re a Swiftie who enjoys Bull Terriers, you should know that you may get a signed portrait of the famous artist and her canine partner. Just be prepared to spend several hundred dollars on the memento.)

What Does a Typical Bull Terrier Dog Look Like?

Bull Terriers tend to be fairly short and stocky. They typically stand between 21 and 22 inches tall, weigh up to 70 pounds, and live an average of 13 years. Their distinctive egg-shaped heads make them easily identifiable.

As far as colors and marking go, the Bull Terrier may be solid or marked. Fido’s approved wardrobe choices include black, red, fawn, white, and brindle, along with several mixes. 

Where Is The Bull Terrier Breed From?

Fido’s been around for almost 200 years! James Hinks developed the breed in England in the early 1800s by combining bull and terrier dogs with the now-extinct English White terrier. Fido’s family tree gradually grew to include the Spanish Pointer, white English Terrier, and Dalmatian.

Fido’s predecessors, bull and terrier dogs, were bred to hunt vermin and were often utilized in blood sports. In fact, the Bull Terrier was sometimes referred to as the “canine gladiator.” (We are delighted to report that dog fighting was prohibited in England in 1835.)

What Type of Personality Do Bull Terriers Typically Have?

Fido has a great personality. Bull Terriers are a joy to be around. They tend to be very entertaining to watch. For example, they frequently like chasing their tails. They can be stubborn at times, but they are normally polite and devoted to their families. If you’re searching for a social, energetic pooch who can cuddle with you and make you laugh, Fido could be a good choice. That said, it is important to know that Bull Terriers can sometimes become aggressive if not properly trained. 

However, we always encourage conducting breed research before adopting a dog. This can help ensure that you’re picking the right dog for you and your household.

Who Is The Most Famous Bull Terrier?

Spuds Mckenzie, the renowned canine mascot of Bud Light beer, is probably the best-known Bull Terrier. The adorable pup debuted in a now-iconic 1987 Super Bowl commercial, swiftly capturing America’s heart.

Spuds, dubbed the “original party animal,” ruled supreme for a few years in the 1980s. He appeared in numerous commercials, films, and promotional campaigns, typically sporting a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses.

Here are some fascinating facts about the popular canine celebrity.

  • Tone Lōc mentions Spuds in his iconic song Funky Cold Medina.
  • Although many people assumed Spuds was male, the role actually was played by a female terrier named Honey Tree Evil Eye, or Evie for short.
  • The fuzzy star was featured in both the lyrics and the music video for Neil Young’s song This Note Is For You. MTV banned the music video because they felt it insulted Budweiser, one of their major advertisers. It did, however, win an MTV Video Music Award, so all ended well for Young.
  • Sir Mixalot apparently penned Baby Got Back after noting that Spuds’ entourage consisted exclusively of skinny women.
  • Spuds reappeared in a 2017 Super Bowl advertisement as a ghost pushing a guy to reconnect with his buddies. (Fun fact: the house number shown in the spot is 1989, the year Spuds officially retired.)

Is Spuds The Only Well-Known Bull Terrier?

There are several others. Target has also chosen one as its mascot, aptly named Bullseye. That iconic pooch is constantly seen with a clear red bullseye circle around his eye. (Note: they always use non-toxic paint for this.)

A few other notes about Bullseye: the pup has been Target’s official spokesdog for almost twenty years! Bullseye has been played by numerous canines. The original one was Kingsmere Moondoggie (nicknamed “Smudgie”) who was an AKC champion. Right now, three puppies alternate in playing the part.

We can’t overlook the cartoon Bull Terriers! Our favorite has to be Zero of The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Zero was actually a ghost Bull Terrier, but we’re including him anyway.) Sparky, the dog star of Frankenweenie, was also a Bull Terrier. (Given that Tim Burton directed both of those films, it’s reasonable to assume that the renowned filmmaker is also a Bull Terrier enthusiast.) Finally, there’s Slurms MacKenzie, a Spuds-esque character from Futurama.

How Should You Care for a Bull Terrier?

A proper dog care regimen always begins with a balanced diet, regular veterinary treatment, and plenty of affection. Fido, like any other dog, also needs training and socialization. To keep your canine companion happy and healthy, you’ll also need to make sure he is getting enough attention, play, and exercise.

Ask your veterinarian for advice.

Are There Any Health Conditions That Bull Terriers Are Particularly Prone To?

Although these canines are typically quite robust, there are a few things prospective owners should be aware of. If you’re considering adopting a Bull Terrier puppy, the AKC recommends that you ask for proof that he’s been evaluated for heart and kidney abnormalities.

Bull Terriers also have a high risk of hearing loss. Congenital sensorineural deafness (CSD) affects around 10% of Bull Terriers. This isn’t a coincidence; early breeders deliberately sought white dogs, wanting the aesthetic of white fur. Unfortunately, those pretty coats are genetically linked to certain hearing problems. In fact, dogs of various other colors were introduced to the line because of this. 

The breed standard calls for a Patella check, BAER testing, and renal and cardiovascular tests.

Of course, you should take your canine companion to the vet on a regular basis.

Do Bull Terriers Require A Lot of Grooming?

Not really. Bull Terriers have short, silky coats that require little maintenance. You’ll have to brush Fido every week to keep him looking and feeling his best. You’ll also need to bathe your furry friend on a regular basis, clean his ears, and trim his nails.

Consult your Marshall County, MS veterinarian for more information on specific care needs.

Do All Bull Terriers Like To Chase Their Tails?

We can’t formally poll every one of them to find out, but this doesn’t seem to be unusual! This playful tendency can be both charming and hilarious. However, there is one drawback: this may occasionally indicate doggie obsessive-compulsive disorder (CCD). (Bull Terriers, for some reason, are particularly susceptible to this). If your four-legged friend appears unduly focused on tail-chasing and/or exhibits additional symptoms such as pacing or chasing his shadow, contact your Marshall County, MS veterinarian.

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