Fluffy’s New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Are you making goals for the coming year? If so, your feline pal will be right there at your feet—or perhaps on your lap—as you strive to meet your resolutions. If your kitty could list the things she wants to accomplish this year, what do you think would be on her list? A local Marshall County, MS vet lists some ‘pawsibilities’ in this article.

Get Lots of Sleep

It’s probably safe to say that your furry friend won’t have a hard time making this goal. Fluffy will probably sleep through a good chunk of 2020!

Work On The Pounce

Kitties are predators in the wild, and they are instinctively driven to practice their hunting skills. Your furball may want to improve her pounce this year. Or, she may want to nail that tricky butt-wiggle/sprint/jump/pounce/roll combo.

Better Fur Distribution

Cats have very beautiful fur, and they thoughtfully try to share it with us as much as possible. Fluffy may try to leave some fur in places she missed last year.

Leave No Box Unexplored

We may never entirely figure out Fluffy’s box obsession, but we do know it’s cute. Your furball will definitely investigate a few empty boxes in 2020!

Keep The Human’s Chair Warm

If our feline friends had a rulebook to follow, we suspect that being chairwarmers would be listed as one of their top duties. At least once this year, you’ll get up for something, only to find Fluffy in your seat when you return.

Improve Flexibility

Kitties have many cute quirks, but one of their most adorable ones is their habit of sleeping in positions usually reserved for knots and pretzels. Fluffy may need to stretch a bit more this year.

Offer The Human Gifts

In older times, we really prized cats for their hunting abilities. Nowadays, most people aren’t quite as thrilled when their pets bring them ‘presents.’ However, Fluffy never got that memo.

Be Adorable

Your furball probably won’t have much trouble meeting this goal. Cats are super cute! Sometimes even just looking at Fluffy will put a smile on your face. Keep your kitty purring by pampering her with toys, treats, catnip, comfy beds, and, of course, proper veterinary care.

Happy New Year! As your Marshall County, MS vet clinic, we look forward to providing your pet with excellent veterinary care in 2020 and beyond.

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